working notes #1

aesthetic experiments
aesthetic jam
taipei biennial

my online curriculum
summer school

a tastey paste
zine image-text work

do you remember that…
text work / reading

five text works

artschool on a train
performance lecture

walnut recipe
10 panel image-text work

breakfast (the producers)
performed text work 2013

break bread again
from the food thing 2013

some songs are sung slower
an exhibition 2013

my bin protest
30 panel image-text work 2013

the seminar
40 minute video text work 2013

breaking bread in time
from the food thing 2013

chats 1-3
3 panel image-text work

i sing the body electric:
7 screen memories

video text works 2008-2012

in my time of dying
audio work 3 mins 2012

meet me jesus meet me
audio work 4 mins 2012

of the salt bitter sweet sea:
a public banquet

the food thing 2012

recipe salons
the food thing 2012

recipe salons #2
the food thing 2012

to be in the place of mloukieh

the food thing 2012

school dinners: ODWC
temporary public project 2011

re : public
collaborative research exhibition 2010

double our father
audio work 2 mins 2009

blow hole
text work 2009

come to jesus
audio work 3 mins 2008

exquisite corpse
text work 2008

curating degree zero
collaborative exhibition 2008

audio work 4 mins 2007

i rhetor
text work 2007

o that’s just new york bitchiness
audio work 2000

andy and the smackie slappers
a public projection 2000

andy’s tarot cards
drawings for a public projection 2000

what needs to be spoken about the streets
audio work 2000

trains made mary vague
an exhibition 2000


trains made mary vague #2
video work 2000

my hamann’s
socratic memorabilia

image-text work 2000

la maison des cartes
image-text work 1999

the tuileries incident
an exhibition 1999

(from the tuileries incident)

video work 8 mins 1999

homage (from the tuileries incident)

image-text work 1999

des cartes a rire
(from the tuileries incident)

image-text work 1999

trains of thought 1-3
series of public projections

serried ranks
photocopied images on paper 1998

after andy
performance lecture 1998

athman ben salah: on loss
an exhibition 1997

the medium’s project
a public projection 1997

the bull/ox herding series:
cruising masculinity

an exhibition 1996

performance anxieties:
am I talking too much?

a performance 1994-6

queerly heteroclite
an exhibition 1995
(first solo)

stills from ‘coming down’
vhs, 6 mins 1990
student work
(shown here, because
I am now a teacher)

stills from ‘i try to imagine’
vhs, 12 mins 1990
student work

stills from
‘what is your name?’

vhs, 5 mins 1990
student work

text works in progress
working drafts 2008-onward